MCQs of Database (Page 2) 20 Question with Answer

Q No.21: choose the problems that destroy the efficiency of indexing.
a)      Enough changes
b)      Overflow
c)      searching
d)     Both a and b

           Ans: (D)

Q No.22: which type of index is best used for static data?
a)      BTree index
b)      Bitmap index
c)      ISAM index
d)     Hash table

           Ans: (C)

Q No.23: which database object is a query definition and does not contain any data.
a)      Index
b)      Trigger
c)      Sequence
d)     View

           Ans: (D)

Q No.24: which database object useful for speeding up the development process but in the long run can completely kill database performance?
a)      View
b)      Index
c)      Trigger
d)     Sequence

          Ans: (A)

Q No.25: Relational databases allow constraints to be specified at which level
a)      Field level
b)      Table level
c)      Row level
d)     Both a and b

         Ans: (D)

MCQs of Database (Page 1) 20 Question with Answer

Q No.1: By definition, a database is a what type of object
a)      Physical Object
b)      Logical Object
c)      Structured Object
d)      Conceptual Object
Ans: (C)

Q No.2: Which part of database is considered to be a structured part of database? 
a)      Data
b)      Meta data
c)      Both a and b
d)     None
Ans: (B)

Q No.3: Which type of data model support one-to-many relationship between tables? 
a)      Hierarchical model
b)      Network model
c)      Both a and b
d)     None
Ans: (C)

Q No.4: Which type of data model performs extremely poor when retrieving more than a single data item.
a)      Hierarchical database model
b)      Network database model
c)      Object database model
d)     Both a and b
Ans: (C)

Q No.5: Databases functionally fall into how many general categories:
a)      One
b)      two
c)      three
d)     Four
Ans: (C)

MCQs of Operating System (Page 4) 20 Question with Answer

Q.61       Resolution of externally defined symbols is performed by
(A) Linker                                          (B) Loader
(C) Compiler                                      (D) Editor

Ans: (A)

    Q.62       Relocatable programs
(A)  cannot be used with fixed partitions
(B)  can be loaded almost anywhere in memory
(C)  do not need a linker
(D)  can be loaded only at one specific location
                Ans: (B)   
 Q.63       Page stealing
(A)  is a sign of efficient system
(B)  is taking page frames other working sets
(C)  should be the tuning goal
(D)  is taking larger disk spaces for pages paged out

Ans:  (B)

Q.64      The total time to prepare a disk drive mechanism  for a block of data to be read from is its
(A)  latency
(B)  latency plus transmission time
(C)  latency plus seek time
(D)  latency plus seek time plus transmission time

Ans: (C)

Q.65     To avoid race condition, the maximum number of processes that may be simultaneousl inside the critical section is
(A) zero            (B) one
(C)  two            (D) more than two

Ans: (B)