Operating Systems

Required Texts

  1. Operating System Concepts (8th edition) by Silberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne, John Wiley & Sons, 2009.
  2. Introduction to Operating System Design and Implementation: The OSP 2 Approach by Michael Kifer and Scott Smolka, Springer, 2007

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·         11/20/12 The lastOSP programming project has been assigned OSP_OSP_Ports_Fall12.pdf 
If you are working in a linux/unix environment download the tar file Ports.tar.
If you are working in a windows environment download the zipped folder Ports.zip.
·         10/30/12 The fourth and penultimate OSP programming project has been assigned OSP_LFUMem_Assign_Fall2012.pdf 
If you are working in a linux/unix environment download the tar file Memory.tar.
If you are working in a windows environment download the zipped folder Memory.zip.
·         10/10/12 The third OSP programming project has been assigned OSP_MLQ2_Assign.pdf 
9/25/12 The second OSP programming project has been assigned OSP_Threads_Assign_Fall2012.pdf 
If you are working in a linux/unix environment download the tar file Threads.tar.
If you are working in a windows environment download the zipped folder Threads.zip.
·         9/25/12 The CPU scheduling homework is due in class today.
·         8/24/12 The first OSP programming project has been assigned OSP_Assign1.pdf (due 9/13/12)
Create a project directory "Project1" and a subdirectory "Misc".
Download the Demo version of the simulator, storing it in your "Project 1" directory.
Download the parameter files params, params1, params2, and params3, storing them in your subdirectory "Misc".
Download the wgui.rdl file, saving it in your subdirectory "Misc".

Client Side Web Programming

LectureVideo SegmentLink To Source CodeLength


--General OrientationOrientation.ppt34:56
0Course OrientationintroducingClientSideWebProg.ppt07:50


1bProgram DevelopmentProgramDevelopmentLifecycle.ppt14:38
1cDocumenting Your CodeDocumentingYourCode.ppt09:10
1dIntroducing ProgrammingintroProgramming.ppt14:10
1eObject Oriented ConceptsobjectOrientedConcepts.ppt14:29

Introducing JavaScript

2aWorking with Variables33:05
2bIntroducing Variables07:24
2cCreating VariablesCreatingVariables.ppt20:35

Working with JavaScript Objects

3aIntroducing Dialogue Windows49:08
3bUsing the String Object37:32
3cUsing the Number and Math Objects43:09

Decision Structures

4aIf-Then-Else Structures43:41
4bSwitch Statements21:04
4cComplex Conditions26:15


5aConditional Loops38:20
5bCounting (For) Loops31:46


6aIntroducing Arrays36:14
6bMore On Arrays40:45
6cMultidimensional Arrays41:35


7aIntroducing ModularityIntroducingModularity.ppt33:39
7bJavaScript Modularity1:22:00

Introduction to DHTML & DOM

8aWorking with Browser Objects58:32
8bIntroducing DOM25:19
8cWorking with document.images34:06
8dRegular Expressions44:34
8eJavaScript and Forms1:20:43
8fForm Validation1:09:45

Advanced HTML & DOM

9aOpening the Window Object32:16
9bThe Document Object26:19
9cReview of Cascading Style Sheets27:35
9dManipulating Styles with JavaScript50:47

Working with Cookies

10aWorking with Cookies44:11

Introduction to Object-Based Programming

11aObject-Based Programming22:01

Server Side Web Development

LectureVideo SegmentLink To Source CodeLength


--General OrientationOrientation.ppt34:56


1aIntro to Server-Side Programming 15:10
1bProgramming on the Web Server 32:13
1cActivating your CS Account 38:47
1dInstalling Apache on Windows19:37
1eInstalling PHP in Windows22:25
1fConfiguring PHP10:46
1gInstalling an IDE25:31

Introducing PHP

(Unit zip files)
2aCreating your 1st PHP Program25:41
2bPreparing your Code14:59

Using Variables and Input

(Unit zip files)
3aUsing Varialbes16:55
3bCreating Complex String Variables06:34
3cResponding to HTML Forms17:34
3dResponding to Complex Forms15:41
3eBuilding an Ad-Lib03:23

Conditions and Functions

(Unit zip files)
4aCreating Random Numbers11:19
4bBranching with the If Statement11:26
4cElse If and Switch09:04

Conditions and Functions Continued

(Unit zip files)
5bFunction Parameters08:52
5cVariable Scope10:30
5eBuilding "Petals Around the Rose"16:02

Loops and Arrays

(Unit zip files)
6aIntroducing Poker Dice06:56
6bFor Loops10:50
6cWhile Loops12:10
6dBasic Arrays16:42
6eResponding to Checkboxes07:58
6fProgramming Poker Dice27:14
6gProgramming Poker Dice Cont.18:05

More Arrays and String Manipulation

(Unit zip files)
7aIntroducing Word Puzzle03:50
7bFor Each Loops03:21
7cAssociative Arrays09:58
7dForm Reader12:18
7eBasic Multidimensional Arrays14:23
7gString Manipulation20:15
7hProgramming "Word Puzzle"22:38
7iProgramming "Word Puzzle" cont.28:07

Working with Files

(Unit zip files)
8aIntroducing the "Quiz Machine"09:10
8bSaving and Loading Files12:45
8cReading a File in an Array08:50
8dMail Merge14:41
8eWorking with Files and Directories15:39
8fUsing Regular Expressions14:21
8gBuilding the "Quiz System"19:21


(Unit zip files)
9aThree Tier Development Model 13:54
9bIntroducing MySQL19:01
9cBuilding A Basic Table 15:37


(Unit zip files)
10aConnecting to a Database within PHP18:46

Data Normalization

(Unit zip files)
11aExamining Bad Data09:45
11bExamining Entities and Relationships15:27
11cBasic Innerjoins26:10
11dMany to Many Joins15:30

Building a Three Tiered Data Application

(Unit zip files)
12aOverview of Spy Database App15:55
12bIntroducing Spy Library24:26
12cBuilding a Database19:12
12dSpyLib Initialization and Connect to Spy10:17
12eCreating the Edit Table11:05
12fDeleting Records12:57
12gAdding a Record20:07
12hProcessing the Add07:37
12jWrapping Up the Spy Library14:42

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