Artificial Neural Network

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Chapter 1. Introduction (ppt)

Chapter 2. Supervised Learning (ppt)

Chapter 3. Bayesian Decision Theory (ppt)

Chapter 4. Parametric Methods (ppt)

Chapter 5. Multivariate Methods (ppt)

Chapter 6. Dimensionality Reduction (ppt)

Chapter 7. Clustering (ppt)

Chapter 8. Nonparametric Methods (ppt)

Chapter 9. Decision Trees (ppt)

Chapter 10. Linear Discrimination (ppt)

Chapter 11. Multilayer Perceptrons (ppt)

Chapter 12. Local Models (ppt)

Chapter 13. Hidden Markov Models (ppt)

Chapter 14. Assessing and Comparing Classification Algorithms (ppt)

Chapter 15. Combining Multiple Learners (ppt)

Chapter 16. Reinforcement Learning (ppt)

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