Advanced Digital Logic & Design Lectures

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Lecture01.ppt (Introduction to Digital Logic & Desgin)
Lecture02.ppt  ( Two Level Minimization)
Lecture03.ppt  ( Two Level Logic Minimization Algorithm)
Lecture04.ppt (Combinational Logic Implementation Technologies)
Lecture05.ppt (Multilevel Logic Synthesis )
Lecture06.ppt (Arithmetic Logic Circuits )
Lecture07.ppt (Delays and Timing in Multilevel Logic Synthesis )
Lecture08.ppt (Memory Elements and Clocking )
Lecture09.ppt (Registers, Counters and Shifters )
Lecture10.ppt (Finite State Machine Design )
Lecture11.ppt (Finite State Machine Optimization )
Lecture12.ppt (Introduction to VHDL )
Lecture13.ppt (VHDL Structural Modeling )
Lecture14.ppt (VHDL Modeling of Sequential Machines)

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