Computer and Network Security

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Lecture 1
Course overview   [pdfppt]
Part 1: Basics
Lecture 2
Control hijacking attacks: exploits and defenses   [pdfppt]
Lecture 3
Exploitation techniques and fuzzing   [pdfppt]
Lecture 4
Secure system design, access control, and protection   [pdfppt]
Lecture 5
Tools for writing robust application code   [pdf]
Lecture 6
Use of cryptography in computer security   [pdfppt]
Lecture 7
Dealing with bad (legacy) application code: sandboxing and isolation   [pdfppt]
Part 2: Web Security
Lecture 8
Basic web security model   [pdfppt]
Lecture 9
User authentication and session management   [pdfppt]
Web application security   [pdfppt]
HTTPS: goals and pitfalls   [pdfppt]
Part 3: Network security
Security problems in network protocols: TCP, DNS, SMTP, and routing   [pdfppt]
Network defense tools: Firewalls, VPNs, Intrusion Detection, and filters   [pdfppt]
Unwanted traffic: denial of service attacks   [pdfppt]
Network security testing   [pdfppt]
Malware: Computer viruses, Spyware, and key-loggers   [pdfppt]
bot-nets: attacks and defenses   [pdfppt]
Part 4: Final topic
The Trusted Computing Architecture   [pdfppt]

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