Human Computer Interaction Lectures

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Lecture No.1 Intro and Syllabus
Lecture No.2 Psychopathology
Lecture No.3 Blame & Conceptual Models
Lecture No.4 Physical Interface Design
Lecture No.5 Slips & Mistakes
Lecture No.6 User-Centered Design - same presentation file with narration (85Mb file)
Lecture No.7 Palm Computing
Lecture No.8 Interface Unfolding & Game Interface Design - and lecture images
Lecture No.9 Wearable Computing (vs. PDAs, Starner Interview, PAN)
Lecture No.10 Locust of Attention
Lecture No.11 Future Computing Environments
Lecture No.12 MS Agent Design
Lecture No.13 Data Visualization & Quantification
Lecture No.14 Universal Design Universal Design

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