Information System Slides

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Lecture 1: Introduction (ppt),
                   Basic SQL (ppt)
Lecture 2: Advanced SQL (ppt)
Lecture 3: Conceptual Modelling and Schema Design (ppt)
Project phase 1
Lecture 4: Database Programming, JDBC (ppt),
                   Intro to Regular Expressions (ppt)
Lecture 5: Functional Dependencies (ppt)
Lecture 6: Relational Algebra (ppt)
Project phase 2
Lecture 7: Introduction to XML (ppt)
Lecture 8: XML and XQuery (ppt)
Lecture 9: Web Services (ppt) (tutorial)
Project phase 3
Lecture 10: Transactions (ppt)
Lecture 11: Recovery (ppt)
Lecture 12: Database Heterogeneity (ppt)

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