Internet Protocols Lectures

  1. Introduction: {In PDF In Powerpoint } |
  2. Review of Networking Concepts: I: {In PDF In Powerpoint } |
  3. Network Architecture: Principles and Guidelines (NOTES: Reading) : 
    {In PDF In MS Word } |
  4. Virtualization: Indirection, Heterogeneity, Scale (NOTES: Reading) : 
    {In PDF In MS Word } |
  5. Review of Networking & Design Concepts: II: Architecture and Evolution: 
    {In PDF In Powerpoint } 
  6. Internetworking: In PDF In Powerpoint
  7. UDP, TCP: In PDF In Powerpoint
  8. Congestion Control: In PDF In Powerpoint
  9. Routing I: Basics : In PDF In Powerpoint
  10. Routing II: Protocols (RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, PNNI, IS-IS)+ QoS Routing and Traffic Engineering In PDF In Powerpoint
  11. Routing III: Exterior Gateway Protocols: EGP, BGP-4, CIDR 
    In PDF In Powerpoint
  12. Multicast: In PDF In Powerpoint |
  13. IPv6: In PDF In Powerpoint |
  14. QoS: In PDF In Powerpoint |
  15. Naming and DNS: In PDF In Powerpoint |
  16. Peer-to-Peer and Sensor Networks: In PDF In Powerpoint |
  17. High Speed Router Design: In PDF In Powerpoint |
  18. Networked Games: Guest Lecture by Chris McEvoy & Brian Osman, Vicarious Visions: 
    In PDF | In Powerpoint |

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