Logic in Computer Science (PDF Slides)

  1. How to Prove Things by Induction on Formulas 
  2. Slides on  Horn Clauses  
  3. highly condensed four-page handout is here.
  4. deduction in propositional logic on the website, at left-right.pdf.
  5. slides on derivations, soundness and completeness are here
  6. Slides with a few examples and some background on quantifiers are here. 
  7. slides with info about Büchi automata and LTL are here.
  8. A paper by M. Vardi on Büchi automata and linear temporal logic is here .
  9. slides on motivation for linear temporal logic are here
  10. slides on soundness for the quantifier rules 
  11. notes on deduction in propositional logic . here on the web site.
  12. deduction in propositional logic  left-right.pdf
  13. Slides on extended rules and proof search 
  14. Slides on  completeness of predicate logic 
  15. Table of Greek Letters 

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