Artificial Intelligence Lectures

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Lecture1.ppt  Introduction                                    
Lecture2.ppt  Knowledge Representation (Introduction, KR and logic)
Lecture3.ppt  Knowledge Representation
                    (More logic, Semantic Networks and Frames)
Lecture4.ppt  AI: Prolog
                    (Review of Prolog Rules and Facts, Prolog Syntax, Matching)
Lecture5.ppt  Artificial Intelligence: Knowledge Representation
                    (Rule-Based Systems, Forward and Backward, Chaining, Uncertainty, Expert)
Lecture6.ppt  Artificial Intelligence: Knowledge Representation
                     (Using Search in Problem Solving, Intro, Basic Search Techniques, Heuristic Search)
Lecture7.ppt   Artificial Intelligence: Prolog
        (Recursion, Lists, Arithmetic)
Lecture8.ppt   Artificial Intelligence: Planning
         (Problems with state space search, Planning Operators, A Simple Planning Algorithm, (Game Playing)
Lecture9.ppt   Artificial Intelligence: Natural Language
         (Intro, Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics)
Lecture10.ppt  Artificial Intelligence: Natural Language and Prolog
          (Prolog and NL Grammars, Other bits of Prolog)
Lecture11.ppt   Artificial Intelligence: Natural Language
           (A little more on grammars, Semantics, Pragmatics, Generation)
Lecture12.ppt  Artificial Intelligence: Vision
          (Intro, Stages of analysis, Low level vision)
Lecture13.ppt  Artificial Intelligence: More Vision
          (Review, Obtaining depth and orientation info, Recognizing objects)
Lecture14.ppt  Artificial Intelligence: Advanced Search and Machine Learning
                      (Learning – Intro, Learning and Search, Genetic Algorithms)
Lecture15.ppt  Artificial Intelligence: Advanced Search and Machine Learning
       (Decision Tree Induction, Neural Nets, Evaluating Machine Learning Systems)
Lecture16.ppt  Artificial Intelligence: Applications
                      (Expert Systems)
Lecture17.ppt  Artificial Intelligence: Web Applications
           (Knowledge and the Web, Semantic Web, Information Extraction)

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