C++ Program Design: Third Edition

Topics          (Click to Download Slides)
Chapter 1
Basic Concepts:                                          PowerPoint, PDF
Chapter 2
Programming basics:                                  PowerPoint, PDF
Chapter 3
Object assignment and manipulation:       PowerPoint, PDF
Chapter 4
If Construct:                                                  PowerPoint  PDF
Chapter 4
Iterative Constructs:                                     PowerPoint  PDF
Chapter 5
Libraries:                                                      PowerPoint, PDF
Chapter 6
User-defined functions:                               PowerPoint, PDF
Chapter 7
Classes:                                                       PowerPoint, PDF
Chapter 8
Abstract Data Types:                                  PowerPoint, PDF
Chapter 9
Lists -- arrays and container classes:       PowerPoint, PDF
Chapter 10
EzWindows Library:                                    PowerPoint, PDF
Chapter 11
Pointers and dynamic memory:                 PowerPoint, PDF
Chapter 13
Inheritance:                                                  PowerPoint, PDF
Chapter 14
Templates and Polymorphism:                  PowerPoint, PDF

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