Digital Image Processing

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  • Chapter 1 describes imaging and shows a sample of the images one can work with. (PPT, 5.02 MB)
  • Chapter 2 presents some fundamentals of digital images such as gray levels, spatial resolution, and connectivity. (PPT, 2.53 MB)
  • Chapter 3 describes gray level transformations, histogram equalization, and spatial filtering including low-pass, gradient, Laplacian. (PPT, 6.45 MB) UPDATED 9/10 with my MATLAB slides.
  • Chapter 4 describes Fourier domain image processing techniques. (PPT, 4.27 MB) UPDATED 9/10 with my MATLAB slides.
  • Chapter 5 describes image reconstruction techniques including Wiener filters. (PPT, 6.80 MB)
  • Chapter 6 describes color representation and color image processing. (PPT, 8.54 MB)
  • Matrices and eigenvectors reviews basic matrices and vectors, vectors spaces and basis vectors, and eigenvalues and eigenvectors. The Hotelling transformation is then used to analyze image regions and boundaries (Section 11.4 of GW). (PPT, 1.3 MB)
  • Chapter 7 presents basic wavelets and their application to image processing. (PPT, 3.68 MB)
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