Mathematics for Computer Science

Course Description

This course is offered to undergraduates and is an elementary discrete mathematics course oriented towards applications in computer science and engineering. Topics covered include: formal logic notation, induction, sets and relations, permutations and combinations, counting principles, and discrete probability.

Lecture Notes

L1Logic and Sets (PDF)
L2Proofs (PDF)
L3Induction I (PDF)
L4Induction II (PDF)
L5Induction III (PDF)
L6Number Theory I (PDF)
L7Number Theory II (PDF)
L8Graphs I (PDF)
L9Graphs II (PDF)
L10Summations (PDF)
L11Approximations, Asymptotics (PDF)
L12Recurrences (PDF)
L13Counting I (PDF)
L14Counting II (PDF)
L15Counting III (PDF)
L16Generating Functions (PDF)
L17Probability (PDF)
L18Conditional Probability (PDF)
L19Independence (PDF)
L20Random Variables and Distributions (PDF)
L21Expectation I (PDF)
L22Expectation II (PDF)
L23Random Walks (PDF)
L24Special Topics (PDF)

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