Python Programming

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  • Introduction to Python [html]
  • Strings in Python [PDF|PPT]
  • Variables and References in Python [PDF|PPT]
  • Lists and the 'for' loop [PDF|PPT]
  • Stepping through a 'for' loop [PDF|PPT]
  • The if statement and files [PDF|PPT]
  • Working on exercises (a few notes first) [PDF|PPT]
  • Code Blocks and Indentation [PDF|PPT]
  • Functions [PDF|PPT]
  • Why? [PDF|PPT]
  • Dictionaries [PDF|PPT]
  • Advanced Exercises [PDF|PPT]
  • Sorting and Modules [PDF|PPT]
  • Searching and Regular Expressions [PDF|PPT]
  • Important modules: Biopython, SQL & COM [PDF|PPT]
  • "Everything Else" [PDF|PPT]

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