CIS 435: Business Systems Programming II using Java

Professor: Ricky J. Sethi

Course Description
This course introduces students to advanced programming concepts using JAVA. Topics include GUI classes, control mechanisms and constructs, data types, functions, and basic file processing. Using design tools, such as pseudocode and structured flowcharts, students focus on developing programming logic in a top-down modular fashion. In this course students build on the skills developed in CIS-430 as they construct business-oriented programs that incorporate a variety of advanced techniques such as database access, embedded Structured Query Language (SQL), and retrieval optimization.

Texts and Materials
Java How to Program, Sixth Edition by Deitel & Deitel© 2003 Prentice Hall

  • Mitchell Waite Signature Series: Object-Oriented Design in Java by Bill McCarty and Stephen Gilbert



Lecture Notes

Lab Notes

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