The course slides are available here for download in PDF format (all files are ZIPPED).
1. Introduction to Ubiquitous Computing
2. Wireless Standards & Protocols
3. Essential Technologies For Ubiquitous Computing
4. Interaction Technology
Mr. Ravindra V P, Mindtree Technologies
5. Mobile Computing
Mr. Sathish Babu, Research Scholar, PET Lab, ECE, IISc
6. Context Aware Computing
Bharath Horatti
7. Network Simulator-2
Mr. Shankaraiah PET Lab, ECE, IISc
8. Salient Features Of Ubiquitous Computing Applications.
Anandi Giridharan, Senior Scientific Officer, ECE, IISc
9. Ubiquitous Commerce.
Narendra Kumar
10. Ubiquitous Computing Data Access
Bhawani Shankar Leelar
11. Seamless Connectivity
Mr. Prashanth K Wali, PET Lab, ECE, IISc.
12. Ubiquitous Operating Systems
Mr. R Rajvelsamy, Samsung India Operations
13. Ubiquitous Computing Simulators & Emulators
Rajeeva.P., PET Lab, ECE, IISc.
14. Security Issues In Ubiquitous Computing
Mr. Sathish Babu, Research Scholar, PET Lab,ECE, IISc.
15. Ubiquitous Web Systems
Pushpa.P.V. PET Lab, ECE, IISc.
16. National Policy On Ubiquitous Computing

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