Introduction to Computer Networks

Course: Introduction, Data Link Control Protocols, Queuing Theory, Medium Access Control Protocols, LANs and Broadband Access Technologies, AN Bridging, TCP/IP in a Nutshell

Tutorial 1
TCP/IP Layer Model PIF protocol
tirgul1.pdf 193 KB
PIF.ppt 92160 Bytes
Notes:  The PPT file contains the execution of the PIF example

Tutorial 2
Bit stream fragmentation 
Error correction and detection, CRC
tirgul2.pdf 194 KB

Tutorial 3
ARQ: Stop & Wait
tirgul3.pdf 248 KB

Tutorial 4
ARQ continued: Go-Back-N, Selective Repeat
tirgul4.pdf 358 KB

Tutorial 5
Queuing Theory
tirgul5.pdf 210 KB

Tutorial 6
Aloha, Slotted Aloha, Exponential Backoff
tirgul6.pdf 170 KB

Tutorial 7
CSMA, Bit Map
tirgul7.pdf 90365 Bytes

Tutorial 8
Packet scheduling in DOCSIS

Tutorial 9
Wireless networks
tirgul9.pdf 285 KB

Tutorial 10
Buffer Insertion Ring (BIR)
tirgul10.pdf 301 KB

Tutorial 11
Transparent Spanning Tree (TST) bridges
tirgul11.pdf 101 KB

Tutorial 12
The IP layer and ARP
tirgul13.pdf 239 KB

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