Microsoft ASP.NET

Including Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture

Lecture 1

Overview of .NET, Visual Studio, Service Oriented Architecture for the Web, Web Services, SOAP, REST, WSDL, UDDI.
Introduction to ASP.NET Lecture slides (ppt 246k)
Service Oriented Architectures for the Web Lecture slides (ppt 929k)

Examples from the lecture notes

Introduction to the Web and .NET (363k) 84 PowerPoint slides adapted from material written by Mark Sapossnek of Boston University and provided as part of the Microsoft faculty education pack. This includes a lot of good Level 2 backgound material. The first part is excellent revision of stuff that you really should be intimately familiar with. The last bit did rather tend towards selling the Micro$oft vision and required me to make a few adjustments.
Web Forms (zip 1.6M) and Data Access (zip 960k) - more faculty material from Microsoft - don't forget to wear protective clothing and handle with caution.

Lecture 2

Introduction to Microsoft Visual Studio Lecture slides (ppt 2.5M) using Visual Studio to create a web service, a windows application that uses a web service and a web application using web forms.

Lecture 3

More Microsoft Visual Studio Lecture slides (ppt 2.5M) data binding and database driven web services icluding XML aggregation and interoperability with PHP.

ASP.NET the EditPlus way

XML and Database connectivity in ASP.NET using EditPlus to cut code. These examples are stuck somewhere between old fashioned ASP and ASP.NET EditPlus is not the way to leverage the power of ASP.NET but these old examples provide simple illustrations of working with XML and MS Access.

That old fashioned ASP

Tutorial Material

  • Make sure that you can replicate all of the examples in the Introduction to ASP.NET PowerPoint - obviously!
  • How about writing a short essay comparing and contrasting ASP with ASP.NET. What are the advantages claimed by Microsoft for ASP.NET? Are there any disadvantage?
  • What is meant by the term service oriented architecture
  • Is SAX available in the DOT.NET framework? Why would you need SAX when you have the XmlTextReader?

Good Stuff

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