ASP.NET PPT for Programmer & Developers

The following are presentations that are used during training sessions for programmers and developers (to access, you will need Microsoft PowerPoint).
  • WhyDotNet is a great starter presentation. By examining different types of .net applications, it will help to familiarize you with all the basic need-to-know information about Microsoft.NET.
  • ADO.NET. This presentation outlines the design philosophy and architectural structure behind It includes a concise listing of 'when to use what,' complete with code examples.
  • ADO.NET Whidbey focuses on the components and new features of the Whidbey Beta version of ADO.NET.
  • VB.NET. This presentation offers a comprehensive overview of Windows Services, and a step-by-step guide to building Windows Services with
  • Intro to Yukon looks at the in's and out's of Microsoft's newest version of the Sql Server database.
  • Threading with .NET focuses on the processes and possible problems that one might encounter when designing multitask applications in the .net Framework.
  • ASP.NET Whidbey gives a concise overview of the new components and specifications that are contained within the ASP.NET Whidbey Beta version. You can also download a zipped file containing Whidbey sample code, as well as a Whidbey Beta logon test.

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