Research Methods Module (Computing Discipline)

Course: MSc Computing & IntelligentSys/Info.Sys.Management/International Business

This module provides students with a foundation  in  Research Methods  in computing  related disciplines.

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Chapter1: Introduction  to Research
Chapter2: Sources of Knowledge
Chapter3: Research Approaches & Research Design
Chapter4: Introduction to Statistics
Chapter5: Research Methodology
Chapter6: Ethics & Professionalism in Computing
Chapter7: Research Methods in HCI
Chapter8: Research Methods in AI

Tutorial1: Finding Research Information
Tutorial2: Reading Scientific Research Papers
Tutorial3: Carrying out a Literature Review
Tutorial4: Developing a Research Proposal
Tutorial5: Data Collection and Analysis
Tutorial6: Presentation of Results
Tutorial7: Writing a Research Paper
Tutorial8: Giving a Presentation
Tutorial9: Researching for a Ph.D.

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