Internet Interoperability

Course Overview:
Introduction, definition, examples, semantic/syntactic, http, cgi protocols, rss, sru/srw, content management data and metadata identifiers and repositories oai-pmh web services, google, amazon, components discussion topics: preservation, ipr, etc.
Lecture Notes PPT/PDF Format
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Definitions and Concepts   
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 csc4000w__ _notes_1.ppt      
Programming in Facebook
 csc4000w__ _notes_2.pdf      
 csc4000w_  _notes_2.ppt      
HyperText Transfer Protocol HTTP v1.1
 csc4000w__ _notes_3.pdf      
 csc4000w__ _notes_3.ppt      
Data and Metadata Standardisation  
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 csc4000w__ _notes_4.ppt    
Identifiers and Repositories  
 csc4000w__ _notes_5.pdf      
 csc4000w__ _notes_5.ppt      
OAI Protocol for Metadata Harvesting
 csc4000w__ _notes_6.pdf      
 csc4000w__ _notes_6.ppt      
Web-based APIs
 csc4000w__ _notes_7.pdf      
 csc4000w__ _notes_7.ppt      
Dynamic Content & Protocol Level Interoperability  
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 csc4000w__ _notes_8.ppt      
Thoughts on Validation  
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 Paper Notes
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 csc4000w__ _notes_papers.ppt  

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