C# Programming

Course Purpose: The purpose of the course is to introduce students to C# programming. Some of the items covered include program design, development, data types, operators, expressions, flow control, methods, classes, input and output operations, debugging, structured programming, and object-oriented programming.

Required Textbook: Murach's C# 2010 by Joel Murach. (2010), Mike Murach and Associates, ISBN: 978-1-890774-59-2, hardcopy $55 and/or eBook $31 at www.murach.com, rental $27 at Efollett Bookstore . eBook option requires the installation of the LockLizard Viewer and Internet access is also required to read the book because the license is verified each time the book is opened. A Mac option is also provided. 

Download Powerpoint presentations

·         PPT 01 Introduction to Computing and C#
·         PPT 02 Variables and Calculations
·         PPT 03 Formatting and Exceptions
·         PPT 04 Decisions and Conditions
·         PPT 05 Menus and Methods
·         PPT 06 Call-by-reference Methods
·         PPT 07 Classes and Objects
·         PPT 08 Inheritance
·         PPT 09 Lists, Loops, and Printing
·         PPT 10 File Processing
·         PPT 11 Arrays - Loading
·         PPT 12 Arrays - Sorting and Searching
·         PPT 13 Relational Databases
·         PPT 14 Additional Controls

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