ASP.NET Distributed Lectures

LectureVideo Segment



Unit 1 - Course Introduction

1aInternet - .NET Intro
1bProject Creation

Unit 2 - Web Controls

2aBasic Web Controls
2bProgramming Web Controls

Unit 3 - Validators

3aForm Validation Introduction
3bRequired Field Validator
3cSpecialized Validators

Unit 4 - All About Data

4aText Files vs Databases
4bDatabase Introduction
4cSQL Introduction
4dData Reader
4eInserting Data Records
4fDeleting Data Records
4gUpdating Data Records

Unit 5 - Handling Data

5aData Binding

Unit 6 - Data: In Depth

6aData List
6bData Grid Sort
6cData Grid Update

Unit 7 - Sorting and Adding Data

7aData Set Sorting
7bData Set Adding

Unit 8 - Tracking User Sessions

8aTracking User Sessions
8bSession State Example

Unit 9 - Caching

9bCaching using VaryByParam

Unit 10 - Error Handling

10aError Handling

Unit 11 - Forms Based Authentication

11aForms-Based Authentication
11bForms-Based Authentication Example

Unit 12 - Having Security

12bLocal Encryption

Unit 13 - Email and Text Files

13aSending Email
13bText Files

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