Software Engineering I ( Lectures)

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Lecture 1, Introduction to Software Engineering. PowerPoint

Lecture 2, The Software ProcessPowerPoint

Lecture 3, Feasibility Studies and Requirements DefinitionPowerPoint

Lecture 4, Management I: Project ManagementPowerPoint

Lecture 5, Documentation and Requirements AnalysisPowerPoint

Lecture 6, Requirements Analysis and SpecificationPowerPoint

Lecture 7, Management II: Business and Legal Aspects of Software EngineeringPowerPoint

Lecture 8, Source Code Management PowerPoint

Lecture 10, Formal SpecificationPowerPoint

Lecture 11, Object-Oriented Design IPowerPoint

Lecture 12, Object-Oriented Design IIPowerPoint

Lecture 13, Object-Oriented Design IIIPowerPoint

Lecture 14, System Architecture I: Data Intensive SystemsPowerPoint

Lecture 15, System Architecture II: Distributed & Real Time SystemsPowerPoint

Lecture 16, System Architecture III: Distributed ObjectsPowerPoint

Lecture 17, Design for Usability I PowerPoint

Lecture 18, Design for Usability IIPowerPoint

Lecture 19, Performance of Computer SystemsPowerPoint

Lecture 20, Coding StandardsPowerPoint

Lecture 20 (Second Half), Tools for Debugging IPowerPoint

Lecture 21, Dependable Systems I: ReliabilityPowerPoint

Lecture 22, Dependable Systems II: Validation and VerificationPowerPoint

Lecture 23, Tools for Debugging II(For slides, see Lecture 20)

Lecture 24, Legal IssuesPowerPoint

Lecture 25, Management III: Managing PeoplePowerPoint

Lecture 26, Risks in Software EngineeringPowerPoint

Lecture 27, Software Engineering as EngineeringPowerPoint

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