Multimedia Networking Lectures

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1.   Introduction
2.   An Algorithm for Determining the Endpoints for Isolated Utterances [RS75]
3.   MPEG: A Video Compression Standard for Multimedia Applications [Le91]
4.   Experiments
5.   Experimental Evaluation in Computer Science: A Quantitative Study [LHPT95]
6.   The Good, the Bad and the Muffled: the Impact of Different Degradations on Internet Speech [WS00]
7.   Subjective Impression of Variations in Layer Encoded Videos [ZKSR03]
8.   Sharp or Smooth? Comparing the Effects of Quantization vs. Frame Rate for Streamed Video [MSM04]
9.   Characteristics of Streaming Media Stored on the Web [LCKN05]
10.RealMedia Streaming Performance on an IEEE 802.11b Wireless LAN [KW02]
11.Impact of Link Failures on VoIP Performance [BID02]
12.An Empirical Study of Delay Jitter Management Policies [SJ95]
13.Equation-Based Congestion Control for Unicast Applications [FHPW00]
14.Empirical Evaluation of the Congestion Responsiveness of RealPlayer Video [CC05]
15.Supporting LowLatency TCP-Based Media Streams [GKLW02]
16.A Survey of Packet-Loss Recovery Techniques [PHH98]
17.A New Adaptive FEC Loss Control Algorithm for Voice Over IP Applications [PCM00]
18.ABE: Providing a Low Delay within Best Effort [HKBT01]
19.Receiver-driven Layered Multicast [MJV96]
20.Resilient Multicast Support for Continuous-Media Applications [XMZY97]
23.Project 1
24.Project 1b
25.Project 2
26.Project 2b
27.Project 3

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