System Programming For Non-majors

Lecture Topics
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1.   Introduction
2.   Numerical Computation in C
3.   Numerical Computation —Review and Continuation
4.   More about Numerical Computation
5.   Loops, Conditionals, and other Statements
6.   Introduction to Functions
7.   Discussion of Assignment #2
8.   Review and Continuation of Functions
9.   “Loose ends”
10.Recursion and Function Implementation
11.Recursion, Stacks, and Functions
12.Arrays and Pointers
13.Arrays and Pointers (continued)
14.Arrays, Strings, and Pointers
15.File Operations and Lab 5
16.Understanding Bubble Sort
17.Structures, unions, and typedefs
18.Data Structures — Lists and Trees
19.Lists and Trees (continued)
20.Review of Exam #2 and other topics
21.Hash Tables and Constant Time Access
22.Bit Fields & Bitwise Operations
23.Introduction to Operating Systems

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