Internet Programming

Under Graduate Course

Text Book:     
·       Zeid, Ibrahim , Mastering the Internet, XHTML and javascript, Second edition, Prentice Hall, 2004.
·      Lecture notes.

Course Short Description:
Basic concepts of the Internet and Internet browsers. Internet Applications (Operating System dependent vs. Operating System independent), Web page creation tools and languages. Basic XHTML (text, fonts, colors, images, lists, tables), Advanced XHTML (Frames, Forms), Scripting and Scripting Languages, Web pages and Web site Creation case studies.

Detailed Course Outlines:  

- Chapter 1: Overview of the Internet  & Numbering Systems (Get The Material for Numbering Systems)

- Chapter 2: Web Browsers

- Chapter 9: XHTML Essentials (Text Formatting)   (Get the Material for the Marquee Tag)

            - Relative Addressing (Get the Material for this topic)

- Chapter 10: Images and Maps

- Chapter 11: Web Design

- Chapter 12: Tables

- Chapter 13: Layers

- Chapter 14: Frames

- Chapter 15: Forms

- Chapter 16: Cascading Style Sheet

- Chapter 19: Java Scripts

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