Advanced Object Oriented Analysis & Design

 Course Description
Object-oriented design concepts, Introducing OO concepts through typical OO programming languages. Features and problems of complex systems, evolution the object-oriented model, foundations and elements of the object-oriented model, classes and objects, relationships among classes, relationships among objects, interplay of classes and objects, approaches to identifying classes and objects, object-oriented design methodologies, methodology notation (elements of UML or any other selected notation, class and object diagrams, interaction diagrams, state transition diagrams, process and module diagrams, etc.), applications and case studies, CASE tools.

Course objectives
Knowledge in:
Introducing students to the concepts and terms used in the object-oriented approach to systems analysis and design
· Highlighting the importance of object-oriented analysis and design and its limitations.
· Showing how we apply the process of object-oriented analysis and design to software development.
· Pointing out the importance and function of each UML model throughout the process of object-oriented analysis

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