Introduction to Network Security

Course Objective:
Study topics related to securing data in a networked environment.
Course Material:
W. Stallings, Cryptography and Network Security, 4th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2006.
Research publications and Internet Drafts/RFCs
You Should Know:
Networking concepts covered in, for example, A. Tanenbaum, Computer Networks, 4tth Edition
Course Topics:
Security concepts
Symmetric key encryptions
Public key encryptions
Network security protocols
System Security

Introduction, Network & Security Concepts
Network & Security Concepts
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Classical Encryption Techniques
Classical Encryption Techniques (cont.)
HW 1 Assigned
Classical Encryption Techniques (cont.), Modern Block Ciphers
Classroom changes to ITE 237 on 2/14
Modern Block Ciphers (cont.)
HW 1 Due, HW 2 Assigned
Modern Block Ciphers (cont.)
More on Symmetric Ciphers
HW 2 Due
More on Symmetric Ciphers (cont.)
Confidentiality Using Symmetric Encryption
HW 3 Assigned
Confidentiality Using Symmetric Encryption (cont.)
Confidentiality Using Symmetric Encryption (cont.)
HW 3 Due
Confidentiality Using Symmetric Encryption (cont.)
Midterm Exam I
Introduction to Number Theory
Introduction to Number Theory (cont.) and Public Key Cryptography
HW 4 Assigned
Public Key Cryptography (cont.)
Kerberos, X.500, PKI
HW 4 Due, HW 5 Assigned
Key Management and Authentication
Message Authentication and Hash Functions (cont.)
HW 5 Due, HW 6 Assigned
Exam II
HW 6 Due
Hash and Mac Algorithms
Digital Signatures and E-mail Security
HW7 Assigned
Talk by William Newton
HW7 Due, Talk Summary for Will
Web Security
Talk summary is due
Final Exam Chapters: 12-20
Talks: Lee and Shantanu
Summaries for talks
Final Exam Review
talk summaries for Lee and Shantanu
Final Exam
Good Luck! Have a good semester.

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