Comp 270: Windows/OOP Programming with Lab

Professor: Ricky J. Seth
Course Description
In this course, students analyze technical problems by identifying potential objects and possible classes in which to create object models. Models are then implemented using an object-oriented programming (OOP) language, such as C++, to construct class structures and implement the interfaces. In the lab, student teams solve advanced technical problems by writing C++ programs. They also learn the UNIX operating environment at the user level.

Texts and Materials
  • OOP USING C++ FOR ENGR. & TECH, Goran Svenk

  • Object Oriented Design in Java by Gilbert and McCarty

  • Simple C++: Featuring Robodog and the Profound Object-Oriented Programming Method (POOP) by Jeffrey M. Cogswell
  • Thinking in C++ by Bruce Eckel
  • The Waite Groups C++ Primer Plus by Stephen Prata

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Lab Notes

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