Course Description & Purpose: 
The purpose of this course is to turn you into a well informed and savvy computer user. Through laboratory sessions and classes, you will gain hands-on experience using computers. You will learn how to use different operating systems, create spreadsheets and other documents, and use local-area networks. You will learn to navigate the Internet and create a personal Web page.  In this course, we will examine computer architecture, software, information systems, databases, artificial intelligence, and other topics. We will also consider the technology marketplace, privacy, and other legal and ethical issues of the computer age. 

Lecture Presentations: 
Chapter 1 (ppt, pdf)
Chapter 2 (ppt, pdf)
Chapter 3 (ppt, pdf)
Chapter 4 (ppt, pdf)
Chapter 5 (ppt, pdf)
Chapter 6 (ppt, pdf)
Chapter 7 (ppt, pdf)
Chapter 8 (ppt, pdf)
Chapter 9 (ppt, pdf)
Chapter 12 (ppt, pdf)

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