Client Side Web Programming

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--General OrientationOrientation.ppt34:56
0Course OrientationintroducingClientSideWebProg.ppt07:50


1bProgram DevelopmentProgramDevelopmentLifecycle.ppt14:38
1cDocumenting Your CodeDocumentingYourCode.ppt09:10
1dIntroducing ProgrammingintroProgramming.ppt14:10
1eObject Oriented ConceptsobjectOrientedConcepts.ppt14:29

Introducing JavaScript

2aWorking with Variables33:05
2bIntroducing Variables07:24
2cCreating VariablesCreatingVariables.ppt20:35

Working with JavaScript Objects

3aIntroducing Dialogue Windows49:08
3bUsing the String Object37:32
3cUsing the Number and Math Objects43:09

Decision Structures

4aIf-Then-Else Structures43:41
4bSwitch Statements21:04
4cComplex Conditions26:15


5aConditional Loops38:20
5bCounting (For) Loops31:46


6aIntroducing Arrays36:14
6bMore On Arrays40:45
6cMultidimensional Arrays41:35


7aIntroducing ModularityIntroducingModularity.ppt33:39
7bJavaScript Modularity1:22:00

Introduction to DHTML & DOM

8aWorking with Browser Objects58:32
8bIntroducing DOM25:19
8cWorking with document.images34:06
8dRegular Expressions44:34
8eJavaScript and Forms1:20:43
8fForm Validation1:09:45

Advanced HTML & DOM

9aOpening the Window Object32:16
9bThe Document Object26:19
9cReview of Cascading Style Sheets27:35
9dManipulating Styles with JavaScript50:47

Working with Cookies

10aWorking with Cookies44:11

Introduction to Object-Based Programming

11aObject-Based Programming22:01

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