Server Side Web Development

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--General OrientationOrientation.ppt34:56


1aIntro to Server-Side Programming 15:10
1bProgramming on the Web Server 32:13
1cActivating your CS Account 38:47
1dInstalling Apache on Windows19:37
1eInstalling PHP in Windows22:25
1fConfiguring PHP10:46
1gInstalling an IDE25:31

Introducing PHP

(Unit zip files)
2aCreating your 1st PHP Program25:41
2bPreparing your Code14:59

Using Variables and Input

(Unit zip files)
3aUsing Varialbes16:55
3bCreating Complex String Variables06:34
3cResponding to HTML Forms17:34
3dResponding to Complex Forms15:41
3eBuilding an Ad-Lib03:23

Conditions and Functions

(Unit zip files)
4aCreating Random Numbers11:19
4bBranching with the If Statement11:26
4cElse If and Switch09:04

Conditions and Functions Continued

(Unit zip files)
5bFunction Parameters08:52
5cVariable Scope10:30
5eBuilding "Petals Around the Rose"16:02

Loops and Arrays

(Unit zip files)
6aIntroducing Poker Dice06:56
6bFor Loops10:50
6cWhile Loops12:10
6dBasic Arrays16:42
6eResponding to Checkboxes07:58
6fProgramming Poker Dice27:14
6gProgramming Poker Dice Cont.18:05

More Arrays and String Manipulation

(Unit zip files)
7aIntroducing Word Puzzle03:50
7bFor Each Loops03:21
7cAssociative Arrays09:58
7dForm Reader12:18
7eBasic Multidimensional Arrays14:23
7gString Manipulation20:15
7hProgramming "Word Puzzle"22:38
7iProgramming "Word Puzzle" cont.28:07

Working with Files

(Unit zip files)
8aIntroducing the "Quiz Machine"09:10
8bSaving and Loading Files12:45
8cReading a File in an Array08:50
8dMail Merge14:41
8eWorking with Files and Directories15:39
8fUsing Regular Expressions14:21
8gBuilding the "Quiz System"19:21


(Unit zip files)
9aThree Tier Development Model 13:54
9bIntroducing MySQL19:01
9cBuilding A Basic Table 15:37


(Unit zip files)
10aConnecting to a Database within PHP18:46

Data Normalization

(Unit zip files)
11aExamining Bad Data09:45
11bExamining Entities and Relationships15:27
11cBasic Innerjoins26:10
11dMany to Many Joins15:30

Building a Three Tiered Data Application

(Unit zip files)
12aOverview of Spy Database App15:55
12bIntroducing Spy Library24:26
12cBuilding a Database19:12
12dSpyLib Initialization and Connect to Spy10:17
12eCreating the Edit Table11:05
12fDeleting Records12:57
12gAdding a Record20:07
12hProcessing the Add07:37
12jWrapping Up the Spy Library14:42


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